Water Heater Installation

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Purchasing a new water heater may not be the most exciting way in which to spend your money. It is a very necessary investment, though, as evident by how many daily tasks it is used for. Whether scrubbing your pans or cleaning your whites, your water heater is an integral part of your home. Do not allow a subpar water heater installation to result in showers running cold and high energy costs. Schedule a professional water heater installation with the water heater installation pros at Henson Mechanical Inc. We have the products and services you need to get the most out of the water heater you rely on so much.

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What to Consider Before Your Water Heater Installation

There are many important decisions to make prior to your water heater installation. The first is exactly which type of water heater you will use in your home. There are more options available than you may realize. Standard tank water heaters remain the most common, and have gotten more efficient over time. Tankless models are also growing in popularity, and are a great option for saving space and reducing energy use. Hybrid water heaters come in a variety of models, with many combining the efficient design of tankless models with a small reservoir of hot water at the ready. Heat pump water heaters use ambient heat to warm up your water very efficiently, and there are even solar powered water heaters to consider.

The other big decision to make prior to your water heater installation is how big your water heater ought to be. A larger water heater is not always the right option. In fact, an oversized water heater can be just as inefficient as an undersized one. Only a qualified professional can ensure that the water heater you purchase for installation in your home is the ideal size for your needs, so call us today to schedule service.

Benefits of a Professional Water Heater Installation

Not only does scheduling your water heater installation mean that you will get the right water heater for your home; it also means that it will be installed with the skill and expertise that the job demands. If your water heater is improperly installed, you can never expect it to operate as efficiently and reliably as it ought to. No matter how great your water heater itself may be, it will suffer in performance due to a lousy installation. Do not pay more for a weaker performance from your water heater.

A professional water heater installation is also a great way to protect the condition of your home and even your safety. Malfunctioning water heaters can lead to electrical problems with electric models, or even gas leaks if you use natural gas to power your appliance. Don’t take any chances. Contact Henson Mechanical Inc for the outstanding water heater installation you deserve.

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