Grease Trap

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The wastewater drained away by plumbing systems usually contains more than just water. There may be food scraps in the wastewater, as well as oils, grease and other materials which may congeal as they cool. This can be problematic for a plumbing system, as such substances can easily lead to slow moving or even clogged drains. A grease trap is a great way to intercept these substances in high volume kitchens before they can compromise your drains or sewer. There are different ways in which a grease trap can be incorporated into your plumbing system, so make sure that you call the experts at Henson Mechanical Inc to ensure that yours is installed properly.

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Grease Trap Installation and Replacement

Grease traps are typically used in commercial settings, where high volumes of food waste and dishwashing can lead to high levels of fats, oil and grease to make their way down drains. Because such substances can seriously compromise a plumbing system, a professional grease trap installation is necessary. Passive grease traps, which are small units located kitchen sinks, are the most common. A large in ground tank may also be used. Only a professional plumber can determine with certainty which grease trap installation is right for you.

If your grease trap does not operate properly, frequently requiring costly repairs and consistently allowing pipes to become clogged, it may be best to invest in a replacement grease trap. This is too serious a problem to take any chances with. Especially in a commercial kitchen setting, backed up drains can be a huge ordeal. Do not allow a damaged, ineffective grease trap to compromise the flow of work in your kitchen.

Grease Trap Repair and Maintenance

When your grease trap suffers any performance issues, it is very important that you schedule professional grease trap repair service right away. Failure to do so will only give the situation the time it needs to worsen. When your grease trap allows fats and oils into your plumbing system, it is only a matter of time before the water stops flowing. Accessing a grease trap to repair the situation takes time and is a messy job. The sooner you allow a qualified plumber to repair your grease trap, the less disruption your kitchen will suffer.

The key to a consistent, high–quality performance from your grease trap is maintenance. When your grease trap is properly maintained you can do all the dishes and food preparation you need to without worrying about your drains suffering as a result. Always be conscientious of what goes down your drains, of course: you shouldn’t think that pouring large amounts of rendered fat down the drain is fine just because you have a grease trap. You can rest assured, though, that you have the extra security you need to keep your plumbing system in great shape thanks to your grease trap and quality grease trap maintenance. Contact Henson Mechanical Inc today to learn more.

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