Why Did My Heat Pump Break Down?

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Heat pumps, with a proper installation and regular maintenance service, can be a very efficient, dependable way to both heat and cool your home. Like any other home heating and cooling system, though, problems can develop with your heat pump. A broken down heat pump in Atlanta can be pretty frustrating. At Henson Mechanical, we believe the best way for homeowners to prevent problems with their heat pumps is to be informed about possible causes of a breakdown. Here are a few examples of issues that may lead to a broken down heat pump to help you avoid this situation.

One common problem with a heat pump is the freezing up of evaporator coils. Continuing to operate your heat pump in this condition can lead to further damages. The coils may be defrosted with a special cycle, but if it is a frequent occurrence there is probably a root cause that should be addressed. Refrigerant levels may be low or the coils themselves may need to be cleaned.

If your outdoor unit will not kick on there are a number of different possible issues. They vary in severity. Electrical contacts may have come loose, or the heat pump may be operating on a faulty breaker. A single wire may be burnt out, or you may even have a malfunctioning thermostat. Only a trained professional can tell you for sure what the problem is.

Most causes of heat pump breakdowns can usually be traced back to poor maintenance practices. If you do not take a preventive approach to the maintenance of your heat pump you cannot very well expect to prevent many problems. Waiting for a problem to develop before servicing your heat pump is only good for ensuring that more problems will develop. Routine maintenance will not eliminate the risk of a heat pump breakdown completely, but it will make the occurrence a lot less likely.

Keep the heat pump in your Atlanta home as dependable as possible. Contact Henson Mechanical today to have your heat pump evaluated and serviced. It is the best possible way to keep your heat pump from breaking down.

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