Is Professional Duct Cleaning in Athens, GA Worth It?

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Ducts distribute the air from your air conditioning and heating system to the various parts of your home. That makes them a vital component of keeping you comfortable year round.  Duct cleaning services exist to help remove dust and similar build-up in the ducts, as well as spot potential problems like leaks and damaged components. But the question remains: is professional duct cleaning worth it? The answer is usually yes.

In the first place, clean ducts mean healthier air in your household. When dirt and dust build up in your air conditioning system, they don’t just sit there. As the air blows throughout the duct system it takes all that debris with it, circulating it throughout your entire house. This is of particular concern to people suffering from allergies, but everyone can feel the effects if it’s not dealt with promptly.

Perhaps more importantly, professional duct cleaning can also examine the causes of dirty ducts, just as a loose fitting or a breach in the wall of one of the ducts. Those issues not only let dust and other particles into your air conditioning system, but allows cool, conditioned air to escape the system instead of being distributed through your home like it should. That forces you air conditioning system to work harder than it should to keep your house cool – raising your monthly bills in the process – but it means that dirt and dust will continue to accumulate even after you’ve had it cleaned. Only professional duct cleaning can spot those issues, allowing them to be corrected and the effects of the cleaning to last longer.

In Athens, GA, duct cleaning must deal with the pollen and allergens of our Georgia summers as well as more general particle build-up. The experts at Henson Mechanical understand those kind of needs because we’re local ourselves. We can clean your ducts and identify potential trouble spots that may be causing the issue in the first place. Give us a call today and let us show you what a difference our specialists can make.

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