Loganville, GA Air Conditioning Tip: How Duct Cleaning Can Protect Your AC

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Have you ever had your air ducts cleaned? Have you noticed a drop in your energy efficiency with higher bills than normal? Duct cleaning is a great way to ensure that your AC not only performs well but also remains protected. By ensuring that your ducts are free of dust, pollen, dander, and other debris, you not only improve your indoor air quality, you also improve the performance and energy efficiency of your cooling system. In this post, we’d like to explain a little bit about duct cleaning and its benefits. Call Henson Mechanical today for duct cleaning in Loganville, GA.

Protecting your air conditioner is largely about controlling what can enter your system and avoiding the possibility that unwanted materials may endanger the integrity of your AC. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways duct cleaning can protect your AC.

  • Energy efficiency: When your ducts become filled with dust and debris, they begin to impede airflow rather than encourage it. This works in two directions: in the extraction stage, when warm indoor air is brought from the interior of your home into the air handler to be cooled by the evaporator; and in the distribution stage, when that cooled air is then circulated throughout the ducts of your home into the various living spaces.
  • Damage: Because they tend to harbor dust and other debris, duct cleaning can prevent damage to your system. Both the mechanical and plumbing systems of your air conditioner can be dramatically affected by debris. When dust and dirt gets inside the moving parts of your compressor motor, or in the blower motor, they can create friction and freeze up bearings. When they coat your coils, they can prevent proper thermal absorption and dissipation.
  • Increased wear and tear: All in all, dirty ductwork makes your entire system work harder to produce an adequate amount of cooling during the summer months. It can impact every single aspect of your AC, and that means that you entire system is subject to increased wear and tear so long as your ducts remain filled with dust and other debris.

Make sure your AC stays in good conditioning this summer with Loganville, GA duct cleaning service from Henson Mechanical. Give us a call today!

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