Atlanta Duct Repair Tip: How Duct Repair Can Save You Money

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Forced air systems are among the most common type of heating and air conditioning systems in America. When properly installed and serviced, they provide efficient and effective cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. When paired with an indoor air quality system, they can bring excellent climate-controlled air into your home. But they only work if the ductwork that circulates the air is properly maintained and in great working condition. If you think the ducts in your Atlanta  home are damaged, the operation of your heating and cooling systems will suffer. Call Henson Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning in Atlanta, GA for all your duct repair needs.

There are a variety of ways in which ducts can be damaged. Here are just a few:

  • Mechanical damage: If someone has been walking in the basement or attic, or if the area near your ducts is exposed, your ducts may have been crushed under the weight of some object.
  • Water damage: Excessive condensation in your ducts can lead to water damage and frost in your ductwork. Over time this can be problematic, depending on what type of material your duct is made of.
  • Rust damage: Rust can be caused not only by water but by humid air. If you have a leak elsewhere in your ductwork, the level of humidity may be an issue.
  • Leaks: Leaks can happen anywhere and can be difficult to trace.

The main way in which duct repair can save you money is by improving energy-efficiency. Aside from the fact that your indoor air quality depends in large part on the integrity of your ducts, your heated and cooled air may be circulating improperly. It may be blocked in some area of your ductwork, or it may be exhausting into the outside air. Because energy efficiency and cost efficiency are connected, money is being wasted if your system is not working properly.

Moreover, when left alone, damages to your ductwork typically worsen, and they can only negatively impact the rest of your system. Your air conditioner or heater may now be working at an increased rate because it is trying to move past an obstruction or flowing through a collapsed duct. Remember that the value of your system depends upon the integrity of the ductwork. If you need duct repair in Atlanta , call Henson Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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