Athens, GA Air Conditioning Tip: Maintaining High Indoor Air Quality

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Keeping your home comfortable throughout the summer here in Georgia can be difficult. Doing so efficiently while also maintaining high indoor air quality, though, can be even more difficult. The impulse to seal your home up as tight as possible in order to keep your home cool is understandable. However, it can also be quite detrimental to indoor air quality. Contact the Athens, GA air conditioning pros at Henson Mechanical today to discuss how you can maintain high indoor air quality year round. Do not sacrifice the quality of the air that you breathe for cool, comfortable temperatures.

Proper ventilation is important if you want to keep the air in your home at the highest possible air quality levels. Of course, if you are running your air conditioning system you cannot be expected to leave your windows open all day. That is why it is important that you take the necessary steps to ensure that the air distributed throughout your home is clean and pure. Because it is up to your air ducts to distribute this air throughout your entire home, keeping that ductwork clean is an important priority in the fight for great indoor air quality.

If dirt, debris and other airborne pollutants are allowed to build up within your air ducts, the air that your ductwork delivers to the various rooms in your home may be contaminated with those pollutants. Improper duct sealing or damages in your ductwork can result in pollutants and even vermin finding their way in. Professional duct cleaning technicians have the tools and training necessary to clean the inner surfaces of your air ducts to ensure that nothing is circulated throughout your home but the clean, cool air intended. By agitating contaminants to loosen them up, then vacuuming them out with a high-powered system, you can enjoy great indoor air quality while cooling your home.

To learn more about ways in which you can maintain high indoor air quality while keeping your home cool and comfortable, call the duct cleaning professionals at Henson Mechanical. Our Athens, GA air conditioning professionals can answer any questions that you may have about this great service. Contact us today to discuss your indoor air quality options.

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