2 Questions to Ask Before You Install a New Heat Pump in Atlanta

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Heat pumps are a great option for people in Atlanta. They provide very efficient cooling and also can switch over to heat mode when you need it. In an area that doesn’t get cold often, this is a good system to have in place. If you’re thinking about replacing your current heat pump or if you’re interested in switching over to a heat pump, here are 2 questions to ask before you take that step.

Efficiency Rating

One of the main reasons that people in Atlanta get a heat pump is because of their high efficiency rating. But what does a heat pump’s efficiency rating mean? There are so many different acronyms that it’s hard to keep them all straight. Here are a few of the more common ratings that you will probably see as you’re shopping for a new heat pump.

  • Season Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) – This rating is used to describe the efficiency of air conditioning systems. The SEER measures how efficient an AC system is over the course of an entire cooling season. This is obtained by measuring the cooling output and dividing it by the total amount of energy consumed. A SEER rating of 13 is required by law in the United States.
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) – The EER differs from the SEER in that it doesn’t measure cooling efficiency over a season: it measures efficiency under a particular set of conditions. The EER is obtained by measuring the cooling provided given an outdoor air temperature of 95° F and an indoor temp of 80° F with 50% humidity.
  • Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) – The HSPF rating is specifically for the heating mode of an air source heat pump. While you may or may not use the heating mode on your heat pump, it is a good thing to know when choosing a new unit for your home. Similar to the SEER, the HSPF rating measures the heating efficiency of the heat pump over an entire heating system.

The Solar Option

Some homes in Atlanta have begun to take advantage of the abundance of sunlight that we have here in Georgia. Solar air conditioning systems are able to run at extremely high efficiency by taking advantage of renewable energy from the sun. Solar systems also come in a hybrid variety where they run solar energy when it’s available and direct current for those few cloudy days.

If would like to know how you can take advantage of solar energy at your home in Atlanta, contact the experts at Henson Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning. We have experience installing, repair and maintenance solar systems and heat pumps of all types and brands. Give us a call today to learn more!

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